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  • CO2 Fußabdruck
  • CO2 Fußabdruck

Carbon footprint

We have recently been certified and evalued by Viabono, a company which specialises in certification of sustanability in the tourism sector and which measures the CO2 footprint and emissions of entreprises in this sector.

The average emissions in a similar hotel in the 3 star category is 35 kg CO2 per night. If you are staying at our gastropub and hotel (this includess overnight stay, means and cleaning of linen etc.) only 8.5 kg of CO2 are used which is amongst the lowest CO2 usages in the internation hotel industry and is equivalent to an ‘A’ rating with regards to the sustainability and climat efficiency rating. As a comparison: 8 kg CO2 are used for the production of 5 litres of milk, 700g of beef or for for a 30km car ride (with a usage of ~ 6 litres / 100 km).

We’ve been working hard over the last decade to continuously reduce our CO2 emissions by:

  • Producing 100% ecological friendly electricity
  • Switching to a heating system that allows us to use our own/local resources and have lowest possible emissions
  • Installing additional air/heating pumps for max.reuse of energy
  • Building our own drinking water system
  • Maximising our usage of regional products in our kitchen
  • Using recyling paper in various areas of the hotel
  • Washing/drying our hotel linen in house
  • Using an Electric car (personal usage) and making the loading station available to guests upon request

About 40% of all emissions of our gastropub are related to ingredients that we buy and we are trying to reduce this by using local products as much as we can. Being situated in a National Park, amidst outstanding natural beauty, our aim is contribute to a green/healthy plant for the future generations to come and to do our fair share in this respect. Moreover we want you to benefit from a ‘green vacation’ and to leave the lowest ecological footprint possible.