Carbon footprint

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Our carbon footprint (8,35kg CO2 per overnight stay) is one of the lowest in the international ranking. We are certified with an “A” rating with regards to the sustainability and climate efficiency rating. Our goal is to enable our guests a green holiday, where we try to reduce the carbon emission as much as possible to combat the greenhouse effect as well as to simple act sustainably.

Viabono is a professional organisation for touristic sustainability certification, which measure with the help of the carbon footprint the CO2 emissions of an inn. The average emission of a similar hotel in the category 3 star is 35kg CO2 per night. If you decide to stay at our place, you will only exhaust 8,35 kg including having dinner and cleaning your room afterwards. This is an absolute peak value in the international gastronomy and corresponds to the highest climate efficiency class “A”.  

Side note: 8 kg CO2 comply with the production of around 5 liter Milk, 700g beef or 30 km driven by car (with the consumption of 6l/100km)

For years we work hard to reduce our CO2 emission:

  • Producing 100% ecological friendly electricity
  • Switching to a heating system that allows us to use our own/local resources and have lowest possible emissions
  • Installing additional air/heating pumps for max. reuse of energy
  • Building our own drinking water system
  • Maximising our usage of regional products in our kitchen
  • Using ecycling paper in various areas of the hotel
  • Washing/drying our hotel linen in house
  • Using an Electric car (personal usage) and making the loading station available to guests upon request

Green holiday

for guests and the environment


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