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Culinary Highlights


Our gastropub is proud to prepare all food with locally sourced ingredients and its main focus it the Styrian local cuisine that is always freshly prepared. As hobby foredgers we do serve seasonal specialities as venison, wild garlic and spinach and porcinis.

Our senior chef, being a passionate hunter, makes sure we only keep excellent pieces for our cuisine and venison is therefore the speciality of our house and has been for a long time as for example Roasted back of venison with all trimmings or hearty stews.

We offer the right ambience with our cuisine and this is the hundreds of year old main dining area of our gastropub which shines with ist ambiance and cosyness. To accompany your mean we offer a small and locally sourced Austrian wines but offer also specialities from the winery of the Admont monastery in Slovenia called Dveri Pax.

Apart from the excellent cuisine and the cosy atmosphere we will make sure that your stay and your event will be made something special by our honest, original and Styrian hospitality.

IMPORTANT: A la carte guests have to reserve minimum a day ahead of their planned lunch/dinner!

For individual parties and events we are happy to put together a set menu with seasonal specialities and for guests staying at the hotel we do offer half board.