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Nature Park Partner

Since 2006 we have been a partner to the nature park. We have taken the decision to go down the path of a tourism that is very much in touh with nature and the environment.

In 1995 we have established our own water power station which is covering a good part of the electricity we need. There were several bureaucratic hurdles to be overcome until this project was finally realized and it is down to my father’s childhood dream that the project was finally completed.

In the years that followed a lot of renovation works were done and the main focus was on sustainability, insulation and humidity removal but equally keeping the old substance of the house which has not always been a simple taks but has been reached with considerable additonal investment.

In 2005 a state of art wood chip heating making use of our forests resources has been installed. The used wood comes uniquely from our own forests and this was an important step away from oil that we have formerly used to a means that lets us be more ecololgical and independent.

Further investments with regards to energy saving have been: warm water pump, refrigeration storage rooms and our own water supply – all to maximize sustainability and minimize the carbon footprint.

We also try and use available resources whenever possible: we dry all our bed linen and table cloth either on the washing lines outside in the sun during spring and summer or on our attic during the winter months.

Our vegetable garden is small but offers enough space for potatoes, onions, rasperries, redcurrant, herbs, etc which we all use in our kitchen. All jams are home made and for the most part we use fruits from our own garden or those we have foredged (blackberries, rasperries, cranberries and blackthorn).

Our fruit trees (80 trees in total with many old species) are mainly located on steep hillside. The apples are used for cider and apple juice or for home made apple strudel. Most of the old species are stored in our celler and are very well lasting until the early spring months.

If you have any questions and are interested in this topic we would be very happy to discuss them with you and inform you further.